Interview with Studio Number 04

All images courtesy of Number 04

Studio Number 04 is Davis Ngarupe
and Jordan Haynie.

1. What initiated Studio Number 04?

We started a design club called Internet Explorers last year with our friend Brette Richmond as a way to establish a community and work on personal projects after work. But after a few months we decided that we should plan for a way to try and do these projects full-time. So we created Number 04 as a type of studio / publishing imprint where we could take on commissioned work and create consumer products.

2. Studio Number 04 is located in Provo, Utah, can you talk about the local creative scene?

Because of the local Universities we get a good mix of people here. Many of our favorite artists have lived or currently live in Provo. (Chris Coy, Michael John Kelley, Daniel Everett, Allan Ludwig, Bardhi Haliti, Karl Jorgensen[Hel audio])
3. What type of projects does Studio Number 04 take on?

We are interested in projects where we can explore format. With Shoplifters, format is only constant with the publication. Every other design element is subject to change. This is our approach to all our projects. We’re currently working on a Skateboard magazine, two artist publications, shoplifters 1.3, and a personal publication titled Years and Seasons.

4. What can the Studio tell us about their most recent project?

We recently finished a book for LA based photographer Natalie Neal. Its 100 pages and it features 2 sections of her photographic work and 2 screenplays. This is our first

5. Can you tell us a bit about your working process?

We are pretty impatient dudes. We’re always thinking one or two projects ahead. At work we’ll talk about future projects all day long. When we start a project a lot of our explorations are talked about and roughly mocked up well before we “officially” begin working. Our preparation helps the design fall into place.

6. How can a potential collaborator get in contact with you?

You can purchase a copy of 'Natalie Neal' at the Shop, or online at