Michael W. Folonis Architects    Year:  2015  Deliverables:  Website  Client:  Michael W. Folonis Architects   URL:   FolonisArchitects.com    Impasse:  Located in Santa Monica, California, Michael W. Folonis Architects works under the direction of Michael Folonis, FAIA. The previous website featured an outdated design and web standards, Michael and the firm were in need of a new and refined web presence. MWFA desired to have a site that was capable of in house content updates as well as having the site be more visually representative of the their studio’s values and practices.   1646 Process:  The site’s design works to quickly introduce and familiarize viewers with the practice and work of Michael W. Folonis Architects. With the consideration of mobile being the means by which most people will view the new website, the site was designed to have a very similar experience wether viewed on desktop or a mobile device.   Results:  Michael W. Folonis Architect’s studio has continued to grow since the websites completion. The firm continues to regularly update content to their new website and is happy to have a website that finally is more representative of their practice.
  2015 in the 818   Year:  2014  Deliverables:  Visual Identity, Interior Design, Video Projection, and Evening Event    To celebrate the new year, the studio organized a New Year’s Eve event featuring performing artists from Los Angeles and San Francisco. The event’s visuals are a result of various explorations by the studio to imagine 2015 through the lens of late 80s futurism.    Performing acts:   SFV Acid  https://soundcloud.com/sfvlegacy  Protect Me https://soundcloud.com/protectme  J.Desosa  https://soundcloud.com/saint-nansen  ((Traffik))  https://soundcloud.com/traffiklosangeles  Alzy https://soundcloud.com/alzymusic  Lower Tar https://soundcloud.com/lower-tar  Starpause https://soundcloud.com/staRpauSe  Brogan Bentley https://soundcloud.com/brogan-bentley  CAT 500 https://soundcloud.com/cat500  + Djs Irma Boom Boom Boiz
  Fit Riot   Year:  2014  Deliverables:  Identity System  Client:  Fit Riot    Impasse:  Many people have one gym membership and are delegated to utilizing that one facility. Fit Riot is a unique fitness services that enables members the opportunity to pick and choose workouts and classes from a variety of fitness studios and gyms. As a startup with a service so unique, active and dynamic, Fit Riot required an identity to match it’s one of a kind course of action.   1646 Process:  The Fit Riot logo mark is a system created to reflect the active and diverse nature of the company. Fit Riot is about progression, personal choice, and feeling good. The flexibility that Fit Riot offers is reflected in the brand’s logo mark. A brand that promotes personalization and choice, the mark itself is flexible to further communicate and reflect the brand’s initiative of variation.   
  1646 Ideation Studio Visual Identity   Year:  2014  Deliverables:  Logo, signage, and business system including, business card, letterhead, and envelopes.  The main objective in creating a mark for our studio was to create a visual identity that is representative to both our design practice and approach. Our studio–at its core–works within the field of graphic design as a means to problem-solve, explore, make, and generate results. Doing so, we work on both personal and client based projects. Every client, project, and audience is different and demands specific and unique processes to create the most successful results. With the ability to work within any form of media and the interest to tackle any project, 1646’s design practice and process is always in flux and constantly evolving for the better.  Often times, even the strongest logos have the potential to be outgrown, remaining stagnant while the brands or institutions they represent are ever growing and changing. Embracing our fluxes and continual evolution, we wanted a mark that could change and evolve with us. Year after year, project to project. Our mark had to represent the potential of the unknown and embrace the unforeseeable certainty of change.  1646 does not believe in the idea that something starts at nothing. We believe everything has a beginning, in our case that beginning is an idea. Big or small that idea has the potential to be actualized into a reality. 1646 Ideation Studio utilizes graphic design to generate original conceived ideas into realities that generate results.      
   CALA Identity Proposal  Year:  2014  Deliverables:  Logo mark, apparel applications, website, giveaways   Client:  Center for Architecture and Urban Design in Los Angeles       The visual identity for CALA represents an institution whose intent is to centralize nine related but similarly independent groups. The nine groups being: artists, architects, engineers, planners, developers, builders, designers, politicians and the public. All these groups unique and vastly different, are represented democratically as a single line stroke. All 9 strokes are structured together horizontally creating a unified form. The final mark is structured, strong, and versatile giving longevity to the institution.    The identity is meant to be flexible, in the case of an event or meeting involving only several of the groups out of the original 9, variations of the original mark can be made. Taking the original logo mark and subtracting non-participating group’s stroke creates rhythmic variation and unique forms from the original established mark.    1646 sees a parallel between CALA and the underlining of Los Angeles as a whole: Both unite seemingly unrelated and unique landscapes to create one-of-a-kind experiences. To further Los Angeles’     presence within CALA’s visual identity, the logo may be displayed in three-color variations derived from the official city flag of Los Angeles.    
  Performing Methods    Year:  2013  Deliverables:  14 × 22.5 inch folded broadsheet  Client:  CB1 Gallery      Impasse:  In 2013 artist Chris Oatey presented a simultaneous solo and curated group exhibition at CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles. A catalog broadsheet was required featuring information regarding the event, artworks, and artists involved. As a main objective, the catalog needed to physically and formally reflect the relationship between both the solo and curated group exhibitions.    1646 Process:  To keep costs down, the catalog was printed as single, double-sided 14 x 22.5 inch broadsheet that when folded, was presented as a small booklet. The catalogue was designed to enable the viewer to navigate between the two simultaneous exhibitions, Oatey’s solo exhibition and his curated group exhibition. A visual language derived from Chris Oatey’s practice and process was used to create a harmonious rhythm for the two like-minded but independent exhibitions being viewed.   Results:  Patrons, viewers, and guests of CB1 Gallery were able to engage with Chris Oatey’s solo exhibition and curated group show through the dynamic broadsheet that was mass printed and distributed by the gallery. A digital version of the catalog was also made available for download through the gallery’s website.    
  Utopia Reflected    Year:  2012  Deliverables:  Website, 8.5 × 5.5 inch booklet  URL:  Utopia Reflected.com   Impasse:  The San Fernando Valley is a historical suburb of Los Angeles boasting the fifth largest population in the United States. Its history is well documented but a contemporary account of this ever changing landscape is non-existent.   1646 Process:  An initiative was started under the title Utopia Reflected; consisting of a dynamic website and publication series that gave a more present and personal account of the San Fernando Valley’s history and current state.   Content was obtained through a process of experiencing, collecting, and documenting. The content is formatted in systematized volumes while other content lives digitally on the website allowing residents and visitors to consider, reflect, and engage with the San Fernando Valley in a more intimate manner.   Results:  The publication has been featured in websites and has been bought by individuals locally as well as internationally. The project also led to 1646’s collaboration with Maxwell Boutique which brought about the exhibition “Watching Art” in 2013.    
  Casey Reas Poster Series   Year:  2014  Deliverables : 3-piece, 18x24 screen printed poster series  Collaborator:  Mathew Velarde   Client:  Otis College of Art and Design       Impasse:  Otis College of Art and Design lecture series was in need of a dynamic screen printed poster for artist Casey Reas.    1646 Process:  As an artist, Casey Reas’s work is primarily conducted through the lens of software. Otis had one rule in their request for us to design a poster for Reas, that request was to have the end results be screen printed. Collaborating with Matt Velarde, 1646 decided to consider the contrast of process and the dynamisms between digital and analog / script and common language. Instead of a singular poster design,the decision was made to make a poster series that breaks down digital processing into a visual and textual simplification.     Results:  The posters presence as a series generated a lot of interest around campus. Each poster in the series was placed around campus in chronological order over the course of three days. Interest in the posters led to a large attendance gathering from students and faculty from all Otis majors.   
  Kalinikitas.com   Year:  2012  Deliverables:  Website  Client:  Kali Nikitas  URL:   kalinikitas.com    Impasse:  Graphic Designer and Administrator Kali Nikitas was in a position where her practice was greatly expanding. Nikitas realized a proper web presence was needed to appropriately document and share her practice while also keeping people up to date on events relating to her practice.    1646 Process:  The site was designed with the intent to present Kali’s projects in a web environment similar to the environment she offers her clients and students: A space that is ever changing and powered by the intent and desire of those participating.   All content on Kalinikitas.com is accessible to the user while the site enables visitors to create and generate a unique browsing experience through a minimal open interface.   Results:  The website has been presented internationally as the showcase and main method for Kali Nikitas’ presentation of her work and practice during lectures and symposiums in 2012 and 2013. The site has also been the subject of discussion on design blogs.
  Studio-Shop    Year:  2014  Deliverables:  Physical store front, Take-away materials  Audience:  Canoga Park, surrounding neighborhoods   Impasse:  Canoga Park is located in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. When compared to other parts in Los Angeles, Canoga Park is vastly overlooked for its contributions to the Los Angeles’s creative economy. There is a void and missed opportunity in this diverse neighborhood for locals to experience and be introduced to alternative modes of production and expression.   1646 Process:  1646 Ideation Studio initiated a store-front shop adjacent to our studio space that showcases and makes available curated art and design objects made by creatives from around the globe. The shop contains one of a kind objects from all over the world including: California, New York, Utah, London, Amsterdam, and China. Quarterly gatherings take place to debut a showcased creative and their latest work(s). Works featured include limited run publications, posters, hand made kitchen items, jewelry, zines, apparel and many others.   
  Watching Art   Year:  2013  Deliverables:  Exhibition, 17 × 11 inch folded booklet  Client:  Maxwell Boutique   Impasse:  A boutique owner in Canoga Park, CA makes an adjunct space available to artists and designers in hopes of drawing the local community to his shop. Not knowing where to begin, the owner asked us to participate and collaborate in getting the initiative started.   1646 Process:  Considering the entertainment industry’s heavy presence in the area, we used the familiar content of Film and Television to engage visitors. “Watching Art” was an exhibition that considers the identity of original artworks that were created specifically for use in Film and Television.   The exhibition presented the idea of how these artworks were to and continue to transcend the context they were originally given by their creators. The space displaying the exhibition featured posters, paintings, video, and charts with original text.   A takeaway broadsheet that included original text explaining the exhibition and examples of the curated works was also created for the exhibition.    Results:  Success of the exhibition’s initial opening resulted in “Watching Art” being extended a month past its intended closing as well as having three evening events revolving around the exhibition. The events congregated the local community and others from neighboring areas and renewed interest in the area and motivated other local vendors to participate in a burgeoning artistic atmosphere.    READ EXHIBITION TEXT HERE     
  J. Pera Designs   Year:  2014  Deliverables:  5.5 × 5.75 inch folded out product brochure   Client:  J. Pera Designs   Impasse:  J. Pera is an independent company developing original textile designs for home and commercial use. Looking to expand awareness beyond a website, there arose a need for a physical way to introduce and help market 3 new collections of pillows featuring one-of-a-kind prints.    1646 Process:  The main objective in developing a brochure for three specifically unique pillow collections was to properly highlight all of each collections’ unique qualities. The best way to do so was to showcase the collections side by side enabling the viewer to see high-res images of each collection without the distraction of any text and descriptions. The viewer can flip through and find more information about each collection but the intent was to have the pillows presented side by side to showcase the variation in texture, color and movement in each collection.    Results:  Potential buyers, merchants and international boutique hotel owners have become introduced to both J. Pera’s new pillow collection and J. Pera as a brand. The brochure has been presented around the world and has allowed the brand of J. Pera to be introduced in a physical manner.